Sunday, 11 May 2014

Digital Masterclass

During the week the Student Council had a day together. 
They could bring their own device to use for the day.
We used iPads, tablets of various types and our trusty netbooks.
Mr Langford came and tried out a Chromebook. 
We made avatars on the wall with QR codes linked
to our blogs.
Come into "Cloud 5" sometime and take a look...


  1. Greetings Student Councillors. I see I made this photo alongside you guys. I wonder how it will go bringing your own devices to school? What do you think will be better to be able to use your own device at school? What do you think could be the problems? Do you think it will make a difference to how and what you might learn? How do you know when you are learning? I would love to hear you answers to these questions.

  2. I really liked that day Mrs Torrie it was FUN!!